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MBL has played a significant role in building up the city of Kolkata. Numerous landmark buildings and monuments were constructed by the Company during the British rule and thereafter. The historic Company had witnessed the British rule, Renaissance of Bengal and Freedom movement. Most iconic landmarks adorning the cityscape of Kolkata were built by MBL.

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Despite socio-economic, political, and cultural changes of the land the Company continues to be a pioneer of the Construction industry for nearly two centuries.

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Mackintosh Burn

Mackintosh Burn Limited has played a significant role in building up the city of Kolkata, as numerous landmark buildings and monuments were constructed by it during the British Rule and thereafter.
Some of notable structures in that period include Dakshineswar Temple, Nakhoda Mosque, St Paul's Cathedral, Jain Temple, Victoria House, Statesman House,
Stock Exchange Building, Grand Hotel, Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Calcutta Swimming Club and many more.


Founded by Mr. James Mackintosh in 1834, Mackintosh Burn Limited is more than just a construction company for the then-capital city of India. It has a rich heritage and currently is one of the few organizations still operational after several decades since its inception.

Mr. James Mackintosh was the first ever partner of Burn & Co. to establish the organization. He was then followed by James Mackintosh Jr. and in 1913 A. Hope was appointed as the last of the partners. Since then, it has been registered as a Limited Company and named Mackintosh Burn Limited.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission, Agarpara

The CSR Committee had approved Rs.60.00 Lacs for expenditure on infrastructural development for the purpose of educational development.

Ramkrishna Sarada Mission, Balurghat

The Company sanctioned Rs.23,19,031/- for the construction of school building within the premises of the mission. The construction work of the school building has already been.

Atreyee DAV Public School, Balurghat

Atreyee DAV Public School had requested us for construction of around 160 ft. truss from the school gate to the main building in order to protect its students from scorching.